It’s not easy to be entirely neutral but as an environmentally conscious organisation we do take a number of steps to minimise our impact on the planet and we’re constantly looking at ways to reduce our carbon footprint.

  • Rechargeable batteries for our Radio Mics, In Ear Monitors and anything else that can use them.
  • Highly efficient LED lighting technology and digital audio.
  • Carbon offsetting flights by buying into woodland replanting schemes.
  • Bio-diesel generators for our on-site power requirements to minimise fossil fuel consumption.
  • Reducing long haul trucking by using local suppliers where practical. 
  • Minimising our vehicle mileage with combined trucking for sound, lighting and staging.
  • Our office energy supplier provides electricity from 100% renewable sources.
  • We minimise paper use and our environmentally committed waste management provider currently recycles up to 98% of all the waste we produce.
  • Re-use and recycling – everything we can on a daily basis, from re-fillable water bottles to composting our fair-trade coffee grounds…